Make a Difference — Give Back

We can accomplish this together through strategic community/corporate partnerships, outreach to generous donors, and the assistance of thousands of nationwide “Grass Roots” volunteers reaching out to make a difference and raise awareness.

How can you make a difference to our Veterans, Service Members and Their Families?

  • Host an event or activity that focuses on Veterans, Service Member, and their families. Ensure you reach out and inform local Veterans, Service Members, and their families of these activities or events.
  • Collect items for donation. Listing of recommended items is located in the Hosting an Event section.
  • Check in on a neighbor who is a Veteran, Service Member, or deployed family member. Ask how they are doing and if they need anything: lawn mowed, essential repairs, school supplies, other.
  • Host a Veteran, Service Member, or their family for coffee, soda, meal, or just conversation.
  • Reach out and say, “Thanks for Serving” to a Service Member or Veteran.
  • Reach out and say, “Thanks for your Support” to a Service Member's or Veteran's family for their support.
  • Register your activity, event or action.

Our Goal: Light up the Nation with the Glow of Giving Back

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